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Big Box Stores in Brooklyn and David Byrne Bike Rack Designs

ikea red hookMAS Issues in the Press:
– Brooklynites are enjoying the amenities associated with the new IKEA in Red Hook (New York Times). Two big box buy-in-bulk supermarkets are planned in Canarsie and Sunset Park, Brooklyn stirring fears among local markets owners that they will be undersold (New York Daily News).

– While the design competition for new bike racks is still on, nine new designs by artist David Byrne are now visible throughout the city (New York Times). The public toilets in New York City have proven to be popular and profitable (New York Times). In an attempt to minimize advertising on building facades, a yoga studio has created an eco-ad on the Upper East Side (A Fine Blog via Curbed).

– Despite some arguments that the plan is drawn along racial lines, local community groups are defending the proposed rezoning of the East Village and Lower East Side (New York Times).

– Amtrack ridership has increased, emphasizing the urgent need for the agency to update and add to its infrastructure.

– A photographer’s collection of Manhattanville captures the current state of the neighborhood, which will change dramatically with Columbia University’s expansion (New York Times).