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Highlights from Global Cities at the Crossroads

Last week, MAS had the pleasure of honoring Brookfield as the recipient of the 2015 MAS Livable City Award and hosting a roster of international experts for a symposium on creative placemaking. Today we’re delighted to share with you videos, photos, and reflections on this thought-provoking event! Continue Reading>>

Eyes on the City: The Palace Theatre

MAS Testimony to the Landmarks Preservation Commission regarding the Certificate of Appropriateness for the Palace Theatre, located at 1564 Broadway, Block 999, Lot 63.
Zoned C6-5.5, C6-7T
Community District 5, Manhattan

The Palace Theatre was designated in 1987, a year before the famous slate of 28 Broadway theatres were designated by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. If that alone did not indicate the importance of the Palace, the designation report is positively exuberant in its statement of significance:

If one theater in New York’s Broadway theater district were to be named the most famous, the privilege would fall virtually uncontested to the Palace. It is one of the oldest theatres to survive on Broadway, designed not as a legitimate stage theater but as a vaudeville house…

The Palace’s reputation has not faltered since its conversion in 1966 to the legitimate stage, offering one box office sensation after another amid the splendor of its baroque, Beaux-Arts interior. In addition to its configuration, much of its extravagant ornamental plasterwork remains intact, evoking the history of the Palace as one of New York’s great theaters. As a national symbol of vaudeville, currently housing Broadway theater, the Palace continues to help define the Broadway theater district, the largest and most famous concentration of legitimate stage theaters in the world.

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Brookfield Receives 2015 MAS Livable City Award

Real estate firm recognized for creative place-making around the globe

(November 19, 2015 | New York, NY) In recognition of the significant contributions Brookfield has provided to the livability and vibrancy of New York City for the past 25 years, the Municipal Art Society of New York (MAS) named Brookfield as the 2015 Livable City Award honoree. The award was presented today at MAS’s “Global Cities at the Crossroads” symposium that explored the impact of investments by the corporate real estate sector toward art and culture.

Across ten cities for nearly three decades, Arts Brookfield has created free arts and cultural programming that has improved the lives of millions of people. Brookfield plays an integral role in stimulating the development of the neighborhoods in which their buildings exist by cultivating relationships with artists who then create works and installations that inhabit the company’s public spaces. Continue Reading>>

Watch Live: Global Cities at the Crossroads


Today at 1PM, we kick off a symposium on the future of creative place-making. We invite you to watch online! 

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Eyes on the City: Community Resilience

Resilience is a term that has become pervasive in our culture – including NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology. While physical engineering is critical to promoting urban resilience, on November 9th, Mary Rowe, Executive Vice President, Municipal Art Society of New York, described the importance of community-based resilience. As you can see from her presentation, resilience is about people – it’s about networks and the capacity a community has to self-organize during a crisis.

See her insights »»