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Housing New Yorkers in the 21st-Century

building tenementsWith the generous support of the Rockefeller Foundation, MAS brought together a panel of experts in the field of housing for the 2008 Jane Jacobs Forum in November, in conjunction with the annual Jane Jacobs Award. Jane Jacobs believed a sense of community was critical in creating and maintaining dynamic and diverse neighborhoods, but today, it is increasingly difficult for people of low and moderate income to live in New York City. How can planners, architects, city officials, and developers work with local residents to provide homes that are affordable and sustainable? What role do the dense, mixed-income neighborhoods that Jacobs favored play in creating a strong sense of community? Continue Reading>>

How Would You Create More Affordable Housing in New York?

manhattan midtown night skyline from greenpointAt the first annual Jane Jacobs Forum last night, an expert panel considered how to house a million more New Yorkers over the next twenty years, and how to do this while retaining neighborhood character and diversity. Panelists also suggested ways of making housing affordable in an increasingly land-poor city, and described the kind of changes in city infrastructure they think are necessary to accommodate all these new New Yorkers. Panelist Jerilyn Perrine, director, Citizens Housing and Planning Council, said (jokingly) that she would like to see Staten Island swapped for portions of New Jersey that are well-connected to regional mass transit, and (seriously) the extension of the 7 train in both Manhattan and, more importantly, in eastern Queens where affordable housing could be built to serve growing immigrant communities. But, what would you do to make housing affordable? What improvements to the city’s infrastructure do you think the city and federal governments should focus on? Tell us. Continue Reading>>

Wednesday, November 5: NYC Housing Issues in Today’s Credit Crisis

The First Annual Jane Jacobs Forum: Housing New Yorkers in the 21st-Century Wednesday, November 5, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. In announcing his PlaNYC 2030, Mayor Bloomberg said the city must prepare for its population to grow by more than one million residents by the year 2030. Ensuring that New Yorkers have affordable and sustainable places to live is one of the most important goals for the city today. Urban visionary and activist Jane Jacobs wrote that a strong sense of community is critical in creating dynamic and diverse neighborhoods. But today, it is increasingly difficult for New Yorkers of low and moderate income to  live here. In the midst of these precarious economic times, how can planners, architects, city officials, and developers work with local residents to create affordable homes? How will today’s credit crisis further impact the cost and availability of housing in New York City? What can we do to retain the unique, densely populated, mixed-income neighborhoods that Jacobs favored? Continue Reading>>