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MAS and Pratt Institute Partner in Brooklyn to Train Veteran and Emerging Community Planners

training community based plannersOn Saturday, September 22, MAS and the Pratt Institute’s Programs for Sustainable Planning and Development teamed up to host the 2012 fall session of Livable Neighborhoods. The day-long training was held at Pratt Institute’s Brooklyn campus and brought community board members and representatives of community based organizations from all five boroughs together with graduate urban planning, historic preservation and environmental systems management students, to learn from professionals in the fields of city planning, economic development Continue Reading>>

Livable Neighborhoods Training: Why Should You Attend?

noelle marcusOn May 12, 2012, MAS will host the 6th annual MAS Livable Neighborhoods Training. Since its inception, Livable Neighborhoods has trained over 700 community board members, community planners and neighborhood activists on how to advocate and affect change in their community. To register for Livable Neighborhoods, click here. We asked Noelle Marcus, a Livable Neighborhoods Training participant in the spring of 2011, about her experience with Livable Neighborhoods, and how the training has helped her get involved in her neighborhood. Continue Reading>>

Livable Neighborhoods Program: Training New Yorkers to Become Effective Neighborhood Advocates

classroom photo on livable neighborhoodsLast month, nearly one hundred people participated in the Livable Neighborhoods Training program hosted by MAS and the Center for Community Planning & Development at Hunter College. Participants turned out on a beautiful day to learn how to better engage in land use decisions in their neighborhoods. First-time and returning attendees described the panels as “eye-opening,” “informative,” and “incredibly useful.” Continue Reading>>

Livable Neighborhoods Training Travels to the Bronx

livable neighborhoods podiumIn response to our 2010 Livability Survey, which found that Bronx residents were the least satisfied with their neighborhoods than other city dwellers, we went north with our highly regarded Livable Neighborhoods training program to more than 200 members of the twelve Bronx community boards. Continue Reading>>

Livable Neighborhoods Program Training

Livable Neighborhoods Program Training at Pratt Institute, November 13, 2010On Saturday November 13th, Pratt students and local residents came together for an afternoon of training on local planning issues. Hosted by MAS, in collaboration with Pratt Institute’s Programs for Sustainable Planning and Development, this semi-annual Livable Neighborhoods training provides incoming students and area residents with an opportunity to connect and learn how to participate more effectively in New York City’s planning process. Continue Reading>>

Livable Neighborhoods Program Training Helps New Yorkers Become Effective Advocates for their Communities

On Saturday, May 8, nearly 150 New Yorkers attended the fourth annual Livable Neighborhoods Training Program (LNP) at Hunter College. See slideshow below. The LNP was created to provide communities with the knowledge, tools, and training needed to strengthen neighborhood decision-making and transform local vision into effective plans. Since its inception in 2007, it has served more than 600 New Yorkers. This year’s program was especially exciting as we reached new constituents from communities throughout the five boroughs, with Queens and the Bronx being more strongly represented than in previous years, thanks, in part, to assistance from the offices of Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr., and Queens Borough President Helen M. Marshall. Participants took part in a full day of training in topics including community organizing, affordable housing, and planning for parks and open space. Continue Reading>>

The Livable Neighborhoods Program: Faces from the Frontline

The following interview is the first in a series focusing on how the MAS Planning Center’s Livable Neighborhoods Program (LNP) has helped New Yorkers tackle planning-related challenges in their neighborhoods head-on. Since 2007, the LNP has provided resources and training to nearly 400 New Yorkers. Learn more about it and upcoming training sessions here. donnely marksDonnelly Marks (pictured) is a professional photographer who decided to become more involved in her community (Astoria, Queens), in 2002. As part of the Norwood Neighborhood Association (NNA), Donnelly quickly learned that “…pictures were a very useful tool; helpful when making a presentation to the community board, the press, City Council, etc.” Donnelly uses pictures to document areas of concern and to highlight achievements on her neighborhood association’s website. In October of last year, she attended the Livable Neighborhoods Program (LNP) training at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, taking workshops in Historic Preservation and Using Maps and Data. What made you want to devote a Saturday afternoon to learning more about neighborhood planning? Juan Camilo Osorio from MAS attended our community board meeting (Astoria CB1) last fall. Our son made comments in the meeting and afterwards Juan told us about the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) workshop and Livable Neighborhood workshops. The program name alone “Livable Neighborhood” says it all. When Juan Camilo explained the LNP workshop offered a chance to learn from planning, preservation and GIS experts in a professional and friendly setting, how could anyone resist? Continue Reading>>

LNP at Pratt Encourages Students and Community Activists to Mix It Up

Last Saturday, MAS, the Pratt Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment (GCPE), and the Pratt Institute Planning Student Association sponsored the Livable Neighborhoods Program at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Students of Pratt and other city universities, joined members of the local community for a half-day of training sessions focused on the public’s role in New York’s planning decisions. Click on the pictures below for a slideshow. Launched in 2007, the Livable Neighborhoods Program (LNP) provides New Yorkers with the tools and resources necessary to effectively plan their neighborhoods. GCPE has recognized the value of the program to train incoming students on planning processes in New York City. For more information on the LNP, visit [AFG_gallery id=’39’]

Increased Capacity Equals Stronger Communities

In mid-May, MAS hosted the third annual Livable Neighborhoods Program (LNP) at Hunter College. This year, the program, which offers free training to grassroots community-based planners and community board members, reached new heights having its highest turnout ever. Nearly 150 residents from all five boroughs joined us for a full day of training in topics ranging from community organizing to using data and maps to zoning. See a slideshow below. Launched in 2007, with generous support from the Altman Foundation and the Mizhuo USA Foundation of the Mizuho Corporate Bank, the LNP continues to help New Yorkers access the tools and resources needed to effectively plan for their neighborhoods. To learn more about the Livable Neighborhoods Program, contact Sideya Sherman at [AFG_gallery id=’22’]

Don’t Sit on the Sidelines: Learn How to Plan Your Neighborhood’s Future Today

sidewalk people fruit cartWhile the recession cuts deep into New Yorker’s pocketbooks and neighborhoods, we can take strength from the fact that the city has weathered hard times before. Many of our neighborhoods — Melrose, Park Slope, Tribeca, Bushwick — have come to symbolize the enormous regenerative power of the city — power that comes about when when communities are actively involved in planning. Developers know that times of recession are times to plan for the comeback — communities know this, too. New York City is changing and the Livable Neighborhoods Program is designed to help communities plan for equitable and sustainable change — now and into the future. Our next full day of training will be Saturday, May 16 at Hunter College. Continue Reading>>

Foreclosed: How Will New York’s Neighborhoods Recover?

Pressure is mounting to halt the national tide of foreclosures. New York’s housing advocates are working at the frontlines to keep people in their homes and to ensure that solutions currently being generated at the city and state level respond to New York’s unique housing and neighborhood needs. A MAS Planning Center panel discussion moderated by Eva Hanhardt of the Pratt Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment late last year, tapped the insights of Audrey Waysee, Center for New York City Neighborhoods; Josh Zinner, Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project; Mark Winston-Griffith, Drum Major Institute; Patricia Kerr, Neighborhood Housing Services, Jamaica;and Ingrid Gould Ellen, Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy, to confront the question: how do we stabilize neighborhoods experiencing high rates of foreclosure? Continue Reading>>

New Yorkers Learn New Tools to Plan Their Communities

lnp training lunch 2008Last Saturday, community advocates and students from the Pratt Institute, Cornell University and Manhattan Borough President’s Scott Stringer Urban Fellows program came together for the MAS Planning Center’s Livable Neighborhoods Program (LNP) training. The session focused on training community members on the use of the tools they need to effectively plan their neighborhoods, and introducing Pratt and Cornell planning and historic preservation students to members of the surrounding community. The training also complemented the students’ studies with LNP tools and techniques. Continue Reading>>