Adopt-A-Monument / Adopt-A-Mural

The Program

In response to the deterioration of many of New York City’s outdoor statues and public murals in hospitals, schools and libraries, and the limited resources to preserve them, The Municipal Art Society initiated the Adopt-A-Monument program in 1987 and the Adopt-A-Mural program in 1991. Both programs were born as a plea to corporate and private donors to support the conservation the city’s most neglected public statues and threatened murals.

Mapping Adopted Monuments

To track our achievements, we have created an interactive map of all the monuments throughout New York City that have been restored and preserved through the Adopt-A-Monument program. Click on any of the points (red dots) to learn more about a particular monument and the restoration and preservation process.

Adopt-A-Monument / Adopt-A-Mural Blog Archive

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    Phyllis Samitz Cohen
    Director of Adopt-A-Monument / Mural Programs

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