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This Week’s Highlights: Friday, January 28

East River ParkEast River ParkThe New York City Council held a hearing this week to discuss wireless internet access in public parks. The focus of the hearing was the agreement in principle between the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, and cable providers Cablevision and Time Warner Cable. The cable providers would invest and install wireless services in public parks throughout the city with certain conditions, including that non-Cablevision/Time Warner Cable subscribers would be allowed to have three free ten-minute sessions per month, and pay 99 cents for a 24-hour session. Advocates at the hearing were concerned that the service wouldn’t be free for everyone.

11 For 2011 WatchlistCurbed featured photos of the nearly-complete East River Park Promenade. The stretch of waterfront, from 14th Street to Cherry Street, had been under construction for six years and should be open to the public in the spring. The renovations, which cost $84 million, include new features such as two embayment bridges.

Rachel Sterne became New York City’s first chief digital officer this week. As part of her position as the digital media and tech advocate, she will analyze and restructure current online services, as well as build up and reorganize the city’s digital media presence and communications.

The Observer reports that the Department of City Planning is hoping to revamp Water Street in the Financial District by proposing a zoning amendment that would allow tables and chairs in the street-level public arcades. “This proposal will help the street reach its potential as a vibrant and dynamic place,” City Planning Commission Amanda Burden said in a press release.

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