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Watch List Highlights: Friday, April 15, 2011

Watch List - Coney Island - Grashorn Building Lower Manhattan: A Farm Grows in Manhattan
Next Monday, students and community members will start planting in the city’s first urban farm in 386 years. Conceived by an environmental club at the Millennium High School, the one acre farm will be shaped like a turkey and feature a fence made from bamboo donated by the Starn Brothers.

Coney Island: Men in Black 3 Takes Over the Grashorn
The Grashorn Building has grabbed the attention of Hollywood. Thor Equities, the producers of Men in Black 3 movie, starring Will Smith and Josh Brolin, have leased the building for filming.

Waterfront: Cruise Ship Plugs Into Red Hook Port
Much to the delight of Red Hook residents, the Carnival Corporation has struck a five-year deal with the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. When the Queen Mary 2 docks in Brooklyn next year, the cruise ship will shut its engines down and plug into a specially-built electrical socket in the port to power the vessel. Red Hook’s Brooklyn Cruise Terminal will be the first on the Atlantic Coast to implement this technology. “It will be the equivalent of removing 5,000 cars per year from the road,” Seth W. Pinksy, the president of the Economic Development Corporation told the New York Times.

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