March 2003
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Imagine New York II: The People’s Response Weighs In on New WTC Plans

imagine new york logoComments from over 6,000 website respondents about the nine new plans for the World Trade Center site, along with 300 people’s discussions at public workshops, have been analyzed and summarized in the final report of Imagine New York II: The People’s Response. Imagine New York II, a project of the Municipal Art Society, is the second phase of Imagine New York, a year-old campaign to give voice to the people’s visions for rebuilding the World Trade Center site and beyond. The report was delivered to decision-makers in March 2003.

Federal Judge Rejects Challenge to New York City’s Billboard Regulations

The Society has been involved in efforts to establish reasonable controls on billboards and other signage in New York City since the turn of the century. Despite the fact that the City has had signage regulations on the books for years, it has been fighting a losing battle with the outdoor advertising industry. Gargantuan, brightly lit signs have continued to proliferate throughout the city, defacing our streets and sidewalks — particularly noticeably in architecturally significant neighborhoods such as SoHo — and impeding views and creating traffic hazards on arterial highways. Continue Reading>>

Landfill to Landscape: The Future of Fresh Kills

freshkills wetlandOpened in 1948 in an area rich with tidal wetlands, Fresh Kills Landfill was the world’s largest landfill. Until now. The City of New York has fulfilled its promise to close Fresh Kills Landfill for good. Located along the western boundary of Staten Island, Fresh Kills encompasses more than 2000 acres, which is more than 2½ times larger than Central Park. In its years of operation, the landfill’s four mounds have grown to heights ranging from about 90 to 225 feet above sea level. Despite this, Fresh Kills Landfill retains within its boundaries intact wetlands and significant wildlife habitats. Many New Yorkers would be surprised to discover areas of tremendous natural beauty throughout Fresh Kills. Continue Reading>>