May 2005
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Waterfront Rezoning in Brooklyn Proceeds

greenpoint williamsburg waterfront crumblingFor more than a century, the people of New York have been estranged from much of their waterfront. Industrial development and shipping took priority over sunny strolls along the water’s edge. Currently, a rezoning proposal is pending for almost one-fifth of the Greenpoint and Williamsburg neighborhoods. Within sight is the historic opportunity to rezone vacant and decaying waterfront lots to create much needed housing and a waterfront esplanade that would stretch for 1.6 miles — a distance equivalent to that between Canal Street and 34th Street in Manhattan. Continue Reading>>

Greenpoint and Williamsburg Deserve Better Rezoning

greenpoint williamsburg waterfront fenceOne glance at a photo or map of Brooklyn’s East River waterfront makes the point: so much potential and so much to gain. The rezoning that’s presently working its way through city government could lead to more public access to the river, more parkland, better housing and a brighter future for everyone in Brooklyn. Instead, the plan that’s pending is hugely disappointing. For the past several months, the MAS has been helping community groups in Brooklyn respond to the city’s plan to rezone 350 acres of Greenpoint and Williamsburg. The City Planning Commission passed its plan on March 14, but it’s not too late for the City Council to make a number of badly-needed improvements. Continue Reading>>