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Wrapping Historical Subway Columns in Modern Ads

From The New York Times, published Thursday, January 5, 2006, B3. By David W. Dunlap WHY not? Because they’re handsome and historical columns that speak to the origins of the subway system more than a century ago. One of the latest uses of the public realm for corporate marketing involves the Times Square shuttle platform. Fourteen of its cylindrical Tuscan-style columns are now in the service of the ABC television show “Emily’s Reasons Why Not.” They are temporarily wrapped, top to bottom, in orange, purple and black vinyl jackets carrying messages like “Why not? Because it’s a felony in some states.” Continue Reading>>

Engaging Lower Manhattan: Planning for America’s Chinatown

Engaging Lower Manhattan held its second briefing on July 21, 2004, this time talking about post-9/11 rebuilding efforts in Chinatown. John Shapiro, from Philips Preiss Shapiro Associates, Inc., presented America’s Chinatown: A Community Plan on behalf of the Rebuild Chinatown Initiative. Holly Leicht, the director of off-site planning for the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, presented LMDC’s Chinatown Access and Circulation Study. Continue Reading>>

The Community Information Technology Initiative (CITI) – A Tool for Local Planning

myciti student training ebThe Community Information Technology Initiative (CITI) is a project of the MAS Planning Center. The goal of CITI is to provide community-based organizations with maps, data and technical assistance to support local planning efforts. CITI began as a demonstration of the utility of publicly accessible GIS (Geographic Information Systems) data as a tool for community participation in local planning. The CITI website began as a planning-focused online tool building on the existing framework of www.oasisnyc.net, which provides a wealth of information on open space and more. Continue Reading>>