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You Can Help Us Stop Illegal Advertising – Call 311 Today

Advertising on sidewalk sheds is out of control in every borough of New York City. It’s obnoxious, it’s annoying, and it’s illegal. Fact: all advertising on sidewalk sheds is illegal, unless the sign is for an establishment located in that building. The city’s Department of Buildings needs your help in identifying illegal signs on sidewalk sheds. If you notice a sidewalk shed that is covered in illegal advertisements, call 311 and lodge a complaint. You must mention the exact address of the building. Then e-mail us the address of the building and the complaint number that 311 gives you, and we will follow up with the Buildings Department to make sure that they serve the building owner with a notice of violation. Continue Reading>>

MAS Board Members Tour Greenpoint – Williamsburg

greenpoint terminal marketFollowing the recent rezoning of 180 blocks in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Greenpoint and Williamsburg, a group of MAS board members visited the area to assess the potential impact of the proposed changes. Under the rezoning, these neighborhoods will see up to 10,000 new housing units, 1.6 miles of publicly accessible waterfront, new parkland and renewed investment in public open spaces like McCarren Park. Continue Reading>>

Greenpoint – Williamsburg: After the Rezoning

greenpoint williamsburg garageThe rezoning of Greenpoint-Williamsburg is complete and the transformation of north Brooklyn’s waterfront can begin. The scale of the rezoning plan is immense – covering 180 blocks and altering the Brooklyn waterfront along a distance equivalent to Canal to 34th Streets. The plan will transform an industrial area with new high-rise housing and a 1.6 mile waterfront esplanade. What is eventually built could set a precedent for waterfront development throughout New York City. Continue Reading>>

Planning New York’s Far West Side: Civic Groups Share Their Visions

hudson yards from aboveOver the course of the City’s Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) for the Hudson Yards proposal, several of the city’s leading civic groups, including the Municipal Art Society, have recognized many of the same opportunities for improving redevelopment plan. The 33rd/32nd Street corridor west of Penn Station should be the focus of commercial density, both the American Planning Association (APA) and the MAS say. The Hell’s Kitchen community also expresses this view. Continue Reading>>

Moynihan Station: Principles for a Landmark

moynihan station angleWhen considering the westward expansion of Midtown and the development of the Far West Side, the MAS has always believed that the most important anchor for the neighborhood will be Moynihan Station. Penn Station is fast approaching its physical capacity. It accommodates 550,000 passengers daily, mostly commuters. These people make up 29 percent of the city’s work force. With new development coming west of Ninth Avenue, more than 100,000 additional workers are anticipated in the neighborhood by 2035. Continue Reading>>