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A History of the Municipal Art Society of New York

2005 A new partnership between the MAS Planning Center and New York City gives users of the city government’s website direct access to the interactive maps and data featured on the Planning Center’s CITI website. CITI (Community Information Technology Initiative) was launched to demonstrate the usefulness of publicly accessible geographic information systems (GIS), and to provide access to detailed property information including zoning, ownership, land use, and lot dimensions. Over time, city officials will add new data and functions to the widely used map portal. Continue Reading>>

Place that Matters of the Week

place that mattersFrom local bakeries and hidden gardens to neighborhood sandlots and historic churches, New York is filled with places that matter to its residents. While architectural landmarks play an important role in creating the city’s sense of place, it is the historically and culturally significant places that hold memories and anchor traditions for individuals and communities. These places play a critical role in shaping the city’s character and promote the well being of New York’s many communities in ways that too often go unrecognized. Continue Reading>>

Corona’s Lemon Ice King, A Place that Matters

lemon ice king coronaThere are thousands of places to get an ice, but there’s only one Lemon Ice King of Corona. Since 1944, Peter Benfaremo’s shop has been delighting patron’s palates with ices in flavors that range from standard (lemon, chocolate) to unique (peanut butter – with real peanuts). The flavor’s may have changed since the 1940’s, but the cool pleasure of eating an ice on a hot day never will. Continue Reading>>

Sheepshead Bay Footbridge, A Place that Matters

sheepshead bay bridgeOpulent hotels, horse racing, auto racing, and gambling, lots of gambling — Sheepshead Bay and Manhattan Beach had it all. But betting was banned in 1910, and the twin neighborhoods became year-round residential neighborhoods with an emphasis on the sea. Continue Reading>>

Shoot It Down!

illegal outdoor advertising molson beerA month-long competition sponsored by the MAS and real estate blog Curbed has come to a close, with Liberty T. Rees winning the Shoot It Down contest by finding the best example of an outrageous oversized illegal ad. Her  picture of 1496 Second Avenue  (at left) shows a beer ad draped over a residential building on the Upper East Side. City regulations do not permit such ads in residential areas, and the sign would require a permit from the Department of Buildings, too. Continue Reading>>