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Chain Store Creep

retail chain store creep new yorkHas your local deli or bodega — that friendly neighborhood place where you grab your morning coffee and newspaper — been replaced by a chain drug store? Or is that new building under construction down the block going to displace the small local shops you depend on with two more bank branches? Continue Reading>>

2006 Blashfield Award Presented

majora carter evangeline blashfield award 2006Majora Carter, the founder of Sustainable South Bronx and a 2005 recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship, has been awarded the 2006 Evangeline Blashfield Award. The award was presented on August 1 at the Evangeline Blashfield Fountain in the Bridgemarket Plaza at 59th Street and First Avenue. All of Majora’s accomplishments — and they are legion — have grown from her notion that one’s self-image is influenced by one’s surroundings, and therefore those surroundings must be beautiful,” MAS President Kent Barwick said. “This insight is remarkably in keeping with Evangeline Blashfield’s own convictions — making it all the more appropriate that the MAS honor her with the Blashfield Award. Continue Reading>>

Christo and Jeanne-Claude Honored

christo jean claude brendan gill prize 2006The 2006 Brendan Gill Prize has honored Christo and Jeanne-Claude for The Gates — the first grand scale public art project of the 21st century, a one-time exhibition that inspired New Yorkers and the rest of the world to exultation and goodwill. For sixteen shining days, February 12-28, 2005, the billowing saffron of The Gates metamorphosed Central Park into a museum without walls. On October 5, nearly 80 MAS members and friends gathered at the Urban Center to celebrate the 19th annual presentation of the prize. Continue Reading>>

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Medal Honors Janet and Arthur Ross

In honor of their outstanding contributions to New York City’s natural and built environment, the board of directors of the MAS has presented the 2006 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Medal to philanthropists and civic leaders Janet and Arthur Ross. The award ceremony took place at the MAS Annual Dinner on Tuesday, October 24 in the magnificent Art Deco lobby of Eleven Madison Avenue. Janet and Arthur Ross have invested their energy, spirit and resources in an extraordinary number of projects in New York, and each one has made the city more beautiful, more livable and more admired. From Central Park’s Pinetum to neighborhood parks in all five boroughs to their support for architects, scholars and artists who sustain the classical tradition, the Rosses have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the city. The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Medal is presented annually to an individual or organization whose work and deeds have made an outstanding contribution to the city of New York. The medal was named for Mrs. Onassis, an MAS board member, in 1994 in honor of her tireless efforts to preserve and protect New York’s great architecture.

Living in a Sugar Factory

domino sugar refinery brooklynWhat do a casket factory, a glass factory and a high-tech laboratory have in common? All are former industrial buildings that have been transformed into high-quality housing for low-income people. While some developers say that to build affordable housing we must sacrifice historic buildings and significant neighborhoods, history demonstrates clearly that we can have both. New York City has a long record of re-adapting historic buildings for many uses, including affordable housing. Continue Reading>>