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What’s So Grand About Grand Central Terminal?

grand central terminal night new york city Despite a recent push to move forward quickly on plans to build Moynihan Station within the Farley Post Office on Eighth Avenue in Midtown, this dream deferred will have to wait a while longer. The good news is this delay gives the public a chance to weigh in on how the state should spend what could add up to $1.5 billion of public money. The time to speak up is now. Continue Reading>>

The People’s Firehouse and St. Bridgid’s Church, Places that Matter

peoples firehouse st bridgets church new york cityWhat do an Irish Catholic Church on the Lower East Side and a fire house in Brooklyn have in common? More than meets the eye. Though very different in obvious ways, both St. Brigid’s Church on Tompkins Square and Engine Company 212 in Williamsburg are Places that Matter that face imminent threats to their existence. In a testament to their important presence in New York’s history and culture, both also have organized groups who are devotedly advocating to save them, making them, among other things, symbols of community activism. Continue Reading>>

The Eldridge Street Synagogue, A Place that Matters

eldridge street synagogue mural interiorWhen the Eldridge Street Synagogue opened in 1887, the Lower East Side was a very different place than it is today. These days if you visit the synagogue, you will find it seemingly out of place in the center of Chinatown. However, in the late 19th Century, the Lower East Side was brimming with a community of Eastern European immigrants who flooded the Synagogue every year during the high holidays. With a congregation that topped 1,000 members, services would bring together affluent bankers and entrepreneurs with working class fishmongers and garment workers. Continue Reading>>

The Christmas House – Holiday Cheer Extravaganza, A Place that Matters

bronx christmas garabedian family houseThough City residents often groan about the early onset of Christmas brought to New York by retailers who begin piping Christmas music as soon as Thanksgiving approaches, there is one spot in the Bronx where the holidays are heralded every year with a unique and widely anticipated display. Continue Reading>>

4W Circle of Art and Enterprise, A Place That Matters

4w circle art enterpriseIn a city increasingly full of chain stores and large scale retail, 4W Circle of Art and Enterprise is a unique and special Place that Matters. Operating in Fort Greene since its founding in 1991, 4W Circle of Art and Enterprise is a women’s collaborative store that features primarily African and African-inspired works by local designers and artists. 4W stands for “Women Working and Winning for the World” and its founders have worked hard to make it a space where artisans can meet, sell their products, jump-start a business, and foster an appreciation for the artistry of hand-made goods. While other retail gravitates more and more toward homogeneity, 4W Circle of Art and Enterprise is characterized by its uniqueness. Over twenty vendors have products for sale in the store and it has also begun to exhibit artwork from local artists. 4W Circle of Enterprise is a place that Matters because it is a creative cornerstone of the Fort Green community, hosting everything from exhibitions to community events such as the Black Achievers Awards, book signings by local authors, and a variety of craft classes.