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“You’ve got to get out and walk.” Writer and activist, Jane Jacobs

For Jane Jacobs, walking was essential to understanding how any city worked—or didn’t. In “Downtown is for People,” her seminal 1958 article for Fortune Magazine, Jacobs encouraged citizens to take part in the planning and design of their own cities. She avowed, “…what is needed is an observant eye, curiosity about people, and a willingness to walk.” And walk she did. On West 57th St., where MAS now has its offices, she observed the enlivening effect of the street’s “two shifts” of foot traffic. Continue Reading>>

This Week’s Highlights: October 29

Coney Island Boardwalk Construction - Photo by Nadia Chaudhury Each week we will bring you news on issues related to New York City’s livability. Feel free to comment or post a link to other interesting articles about our city. After last week’s very successful Summit for New York City, we at MAS are glad to see the conversation about livability continuing throughout the media. In this article, Grist speaks with Secretary of the Department of Transportation Ray LaHood, Continue Reading>>

Can New York Learn from Milan, London and Paris?

MAS and the Design Trust for Public Space hosted two panels in June focused on the Garment District and the findings of the Design Trust’s study, Made in Midtown, www.madeinmidtown.org, done in collaboration with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). MAS contributed research to the study on three international fashion capitals—Paris, Milan and London—in an effort to determine what lessons New York could learn from its competitors. MAS focused on the proximities of fashion companies in these three cities and analyzed the effects of industry clustering, and the official policies and informal mechanisms that nurture and develop opportunities for entrepreneurship. Reflecting on the importance of the district, MAS President Vin Cipolla said, “the Garment District is and has been the story of New York for more than 100 years. It is where planning, preservation, entrepreneurship, urban design, livability, economic development and aesthetic issues converge. The Garment District is where New York meets the world.” Continue Reading>>

Favorite Places to Walk? Favorite Places to Roll?

Family Walking Along a ParkIn preparation for the Jane Jacobs Forum, we want to hear from you about one of your favorite walks. The walk can be in any of the boroughs of New York City. It can be a walk on your way to work or school or when running errands or when out for a ramble. Also, where would you like to walk, but can’t? Continue Reading>>

Join Us for this Year’s Jane Jacobs Forum on Walking (& Rolling) in New York City

The 2010 MAS Jane Jacobs ForumRegister now for the final program in the Next for New York series! This year’s Jane Jacobs Forum focuses on walking and rolling in New York’s five boroughs. Walking is considered key to a livable city. Does New York measure up? Learn more about the Jane Jacobs Forum.