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Greening the Henry Street Settlement

Rain gardens, solar panels and an efficient new mechanical system were some of the big ideas generated at the Henry Street Settlement eco-charrette last week. While those measures may be the most attention-getting of the future energy retrofit, the small ones – adding roof insulation, painting the roof white and installing efficient lighting  –  will also be critical to providing major energy and cost savings. Continue Reading>>

Memorable Architecture & Hospitality in Stapleton Heights

Photo by Ron RiceLast Saturday’s walking tour of Stapleton Heights, lead by architectural historian Justin Ferate, began with a ride on the Staten Island Ferry and ended with  brown bag lunches and cold drinks in the garden of Belgian journalist Jacqueline Goossens.  The tour featured  expansive views of the Harbor, a walk through a  landmarked historic district. Continue Reading>>

MAS Watch List Highlights, Friday, June 17, 2011

11 For 2011 WatchlistEach week, we highlight stories from around the web that focus on our 11 for 2011 Watch List. The Bronx This week the Times profiled Hutchinson Metro Center. The thriving corporate center in the Bronx recently completed a 9-story Class A office tower and will start construction on another tower in the fall. Metro Center’s  location near four major hospitals has contributed to the area’s growth as an important health and medical services center, sparking  office real-estate interest in the northern borough. Continue Reading>>

MAS Weighs in on Disaster Planning

NYC-Community-Based-Plans-and-Hurricane-Storm-Surge-Zones-2011MAS presented at a panel on Tuesday, June 14th, at the Second Annual Disaster Housing Summit organized by the Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Team, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the New York City Office of Emergency Management. The event convened housing, planning and emergency management professionals from across the tri-state region to discuss challenges and opportunities related to funding the recovery process and engaging the public in developing a rebuilding plan. Continue Reading>>

See Something, Say Something: 1375 Broadway

Jack Lubin Mural located in the lobby of 1375 BroadwayA few weeks ago, a concerned New Yorker named David Kronfeld wrote to MAS to ask about the fate of the mid-century mosaics in the lobby of 1375 Broadway, a 1928 building being renovated by new owners in the Garment District.  Mr. Kronfeld was worried that the 1962 murals by New York artist Jack Lubin were in the midst of being destroyed. Continue Reading>>

Vendor Rules In Effect Around Parks

Vendors at Central Park South in New York CityWe are all familiar with sidewalks crowded with  “artist” vendors–those offering everything from  water color paintings of the skyline, refrigerator magnets,  to Justin Bieber photos. A bit of relief is at hand.  In May, a Manhattan appellate court lifted a stay on enforcement of new park rules which provide for as many as 145 designated spots for vending of “expressive matter” at four of our most iconic parks– Union Square Park (18 and 40 on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday), Battery Park (9), High Line Park (5) and portions of Central Park (68).  The court found that the rules did not violate the vendors’ state constitutional rights. Continue Reading>>

Watch List Highlights, Friday, June 10, 2011

11 For 2011 WatchlistEach week, we highlight stories from around the web that focus on our 11 for 2011 Watch List. Garment District MAS spoke on camera this week about the fate of a Jack Lubin mural located in the lobby at 1375 Broadway–in the heart of the Garment District. The mural depicts the history of textile design, and was completed in the early 1960’s and is threatened by renovations by the building’s new owner. Continue Reading>>

Moynihan Station Phase I Design Release, So Far, So Good

Phase 1 Design Rendering of Moynihan StationThe Moynihan Station Development Corporation released preliminary plans for the first phase of work in transforming the Farley Post Office building into a new train hall. We praised the proposed design’s sensitivity to the landmark and animation of unused space. The plans were released as part of the federal historic preservation review called Section 106. That review allows for consulting parties, like MAS,  to comment on the building design and to suggest alternatives. We submitted our comments on May 12. Continue Reading>>

Watch List Highlights: Friday, June 3, 2011

11 For 2011 WatchlistEach week, we highlight stories from around the web that focus on our 11 for 2011 Watch List. Changing Streets Good news for Queens cyclists. An agreement has been reached to add 1.2 miles of bike lanes to 44th Drive in Long Island City. While some motorists believe cars should have priority,  56% of New Yorkers say they think bike lanes are healthier for the city, and for our personal health. Read more >> Meanwhile, NPR did a story this week about DC’s bold bike sharing program. We say, if DC can do it, so can NYCContinue Reading>>

MAS 2011 Summer Calendar Available for Free Download

MAS 2011 Summer Newsletter with Calendar of Tours and EventsThe MAS summer newsletter and calendar is hitting mailboxes across the city right now. We’re kicking off our summer programs with a panel, The Zoning Resolution at 50: Addressing the Challenges of the Next 50 Years on June 8, where we’ll consider whether or not it’s necessary to revamp New York City’s zoning regulations. Continue Reading>>