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These Places Matter

Economy Candy

Streit’s Matzos, Economy Candy, The Ear Inn, Chinatown Senior Citizens’ Center, The Bowery Mission and the Tenement at 109 Washington Street—all long-time Lower Manhattan staples and now winners of the 2011 Place Matters Awards. The honors are awarded annually by Place Matters, a joint project of MAS and City Lore, to celebrate the historically and culturally significant places that make New York, New York. The awardees are drawn from the Census of Places that Matter, a publicly generated survey of the special places where we live, work and play. Read more about this year’s honorees below.

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New York’s Next Zoning Resolution

new york city zoning panel urban planning

Is New York City’s much-modified 1961 zoning resolution the best framework for creating a more livable, sustainable and equitable city? Our panel of zoning experts at the MAS Summit for New York City didn’t think so. Deftly moderated by Vicki Been, director of the Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy at NYU, the panel consisted of Donald Elliott, a zoning consultant with a national practice; Michael Kwartler, architect, planner and founder of the Environmental Simulation Center; Mitchell Silver, president of the American Planning Association and Jerilyn Perine, executive director of the Citizens Housing & Planning Council.

Although the panelists offered a variety of perspectives on how to reform the zoning resolution, they all believe that continuing to use the current framework will put NYC at disadvantage with respect to other cities that have modernized their regulatory framework. Among the specific suggestions offered by the panel include: incorporating environmental best practices into the zoning resolution, re-thinking the separation of uses, integrating historic preservation with land use planning, and finding new models and methods of public engagement.

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MAS Releases Report on NYC’s Garment District

garment district new york city economic research report

One year after our Garment District panel discussion at the 2010 MAS Summit, we’re excited to be releasing Fashioning the Future: NYC’s Garment District at the 2011 edition of the Summit, a report which is the culmination of our work on one of the fashion industry’s greatest assets – Manhattan’s Garment District.

Today, with the re-zoning proposal, which would have significantly altered the manufacturing character of the district, off the table, it is time to acknowledge the strengths of the district, address its current needs, and plan for its future. Over the last year we have conducted case studies, gathered new data, interviewed dozens of experts, researched the history and explored a variety of policy recommendations. The recommendations detailed in the report offer a vision forward.

Second MAS Survey Offers Key Indicators of Livability in New York

new york city survey livability attitudes

New York is considered one of the greatest cities on earth, but how do New Yorkers feel about life in the city that never sleeps? We fielded the second annual MAS Survey on Livability to find out what real New Yorkers, the people who live and work here, think about their city.

“New Yorkers remain satisfied overall with living in New York, but when asked about their neighborhoods and their satisfaction with amenities and services on the local level, opinions got less generic and much more personal.

We continue to see some underlying discontent, especially among people living outside Manhattan and those with lower incomes,” MAS president, Vin Cipolla said.

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MAS Summit for NYC This Week

MAS Summit NYC Logo

The MAS Summit for New York City is just days away, on October 13 and 14. This will be our largest-ever convening with more than 75 speakers joining MAS from around the country to discuss New York’s most pressing challenges, as well as innovative solutions to make our city even more livable. This is a tremendously important event for both MAS and for our city. If you haven’t done so already, register now, as this not-to-be-missed event is nearly sold out.

New York City shares a rare distinction with many other world cities in consistently scoring low on international livability indices. One London-based pundit suggested his city—like ours—was perhaps more lovable than livable. New Yorkers continue to strive for livability, though, and as part of the MAS Summit for New York City, we will bring together leaders from other cities across the globe to consider how they are defining livability in their city, and what New York City can learn from these other places.

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