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MAS Presents: Ideas for New York’s New Leadership

Ideas for New York's New Leadership Cover

During the 2014 Annual Members Meeting on March 25, MAS Executive Director Margaret Newman announced the release of our latest publication, MAS Presents: Ideas for New York’s New Leadership. To enrich the discussion about the next set of policy ideas for New York City, MAS invited a cross-section of New Yorkers to offer their guidance to our city’s new leadership.

Ideas for New York’s New Leadership includes 14 essays, each discussing a key issue, opportunity or priority for action within a specific domain. In the foreword, esteemed author Tony Hiss states that:

“This short but remarkable book presents 14 ready-to-go ideas—some big and bold, some small but perhaps even bolder—about bringing New York’s extra dimension back into focus.”

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MAS Leadership on Why the World Needs an Urban Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)


Please join MAS and our colleagues working around the world to make cities more livable and resilient, by signing this petition to support the adoption of an Urban Sustainable Development Goal.

Background: The Local is Global

Recognizing the value of knowledge exchange to address the challenges to creating livable and resilient cities, the Municipal Art Society (MAS) has spent the past few years developing partnerships with other civil society organizations and urban practitioners working in cities around the world. In 2012, under the leadership of MAS Board Chair Dr. Eugenie Birch, we began a unique global partnership with UN Habitat to support the World Urban Campaign, of which Dr. Birch is the co-chair. Since that time we have participated in a number of international events addressing urban challenges with which MAS has familiarity and expertise, particularly focused on approaches to fostering urban resilience and livability.

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The New York Times Architecture Critic Michael Kimmelman to Receive the 2014 Brendan Gill Prize


MAS is proud to announce that Michael Kimmelman, architecture critic of The New York Times, has been named the winner of the 2014 Brendan Gill Prize. Mr. Kimmelman will be presented with the prestigious award by MAS President Vin Cipolla and Board Chair Genie Birch, during the organization’s Annual Meeting on Tuesday, March 25th.

The evening will include Kimmelman in conversation with MAS Board Member and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Manuela V. Hoelterhoff, Executive Editor, Bloomberg News.


The Brendan Gill Prize is an annual cash award administered by MAS and presented to a creator of a building, book, essay, musical composition, play, film, painting, sculpture, choreographic work or landscape design, accomplished in the previous year that best captures “the energy, vigor and verve of our incomparable city”. Named for longtime New Yorker theater and architecture critic, champion preservationist and civic booster Brendan Gill, the recipient is chosen by the Brendan Gill Jury from nominations submitted to MAS. For work completed in 2013, more than 30 exemplary nominations were received, defining a very competitive field. A man of extraordinary intelligence and wit, Gill was a long-time Board member at MAS, and this prestigious Prize was established shortly after his death in 1998.

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