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14 Years of Tribute in Light


MAS hopes that the twin shafts of light now known around the world as the Tribute in Light, bring comfort, healing, and hope to all those marking this solemn day in our nation’s—and our city’s—history. Please visit our Tribute in Light information page for the history on MAS’s founding of Tribute in Light, a collaboration with Creative Time, the families of 9/11 victims, and hundreds of dedicated New Yorkers.

How did it start?

The idea for the lights was independently conceived by several artists and designers, who were brought together under the auspices of the Municipal Art Society and Creative Time.

Who designed it?

The Tribute in Light was designed by John Bennett, Gustavo Bonevardi, Richard Nash Gould, Julian Laverdiere, Paul Myoda and lighting designer Paul Marantz.

What was MAS’s role?

MAS produced the Tribute in Light annually for its first 10 years—from the debut in March 2002 on the 6 month anniversary, through the 2011 presentation. At the occasion of the opening of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, we transferred administration of the Tribute to the museum, which has faithfully carried on its annual presentation.

Interesting Facts

  • The memorial was originally going to be called the Towers in Light, but MAS received feedback from 9/11 families that a name paying tribute to the lives lost rather than the buildings that had once stood would be a more powerful remembrance.
  • The Tribute in Light rises miles into the sky and can be seen from 60 miles away.
  • As of 2002, the two arrays cast the strongest shaft of light ever projected from earth into the night sky.

Learn more about this inspiring and healing work of art.

Testimony re: Intro 775

Testimony given by Christy MacLear, chair of MAS’s Preservation Committee

Thank you for the opportunity to testify today on a bill that we believe will have a lasting negative impact on our city. I am Christy MacLear, member of the Municipal Art Society Board of Directors and Chair of the organization’s Preservation Committee. MAS is a non-profit membership organization that advocates for intelligent urban planning, design, and preservation. I am joined by architects Judith Saltzman and Charles Platt who have over 75 years combined expertise building and restoring landmark buildings.

The 120 year-old Municipal Art Society was the organization that lead the charge to create the Landmarks Preservation Commission in the 1960s, one of the most far reaching in the nation, after the devastating loss of Penn Station. We are a group of civic leaders and proud New Yorkers who want to ensure that we will continue to protect buildings and districts that are of value to our great city.

MAS supports efforts to bring greater transparency and accountability to LPC’s work, but we do not support the legislation being discussed today.

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