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MAS Testimony to the Committee on Land Use Regarding Reporting on the Compliance Statuses of Privately Owned Public Spaces

MAS Testimony to the Committee on Land Use Regarding Reporting on the Compliance Statuses of Privately Owned Public Spaces by the Department of City Planning and Department of Buildings. INT 1219-2016 June 29, 2016


The Municipal Art Society of New York (MAS) supports Intro 1219, but proposes a series of modifications to strengthen the City’s oversight powers for New York’s privately-owned public spaces (POPS).

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7 New Landmarks for Manhattan & Staten Island

We’re back with another update on the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s (LPC) Backlog95 Initiative. Today, LPC designated seven new properties from the backlog:

Staten Island
George William and Anna Curtis House (234 Bard Avenue)*
St. John’s Protestant Episcopal Church Rectory (1331 Bay Street)*
92 Harrison Street House*
Prince’s Bay Lighthouse Complex (6204 Hylan Boulevard)*

315 Broadway Building*
St. Joseph of the Holy Family Roman Catholic Church (401-403 West 125th Street)*
St. Paul Roman Catholic Church (121 East 117th Street)

Together with the items designated on April 12th (read our blog post on those properties as well), we now have 15 new landmarks as a result of action taken on the Backlog. There are another 15 items that await a vote from LPC. Stay tuned!

*MAS delivered testimony in support.

MAS Celebrates Stonewall National Monument

MAS was delighted by the news on June 24, 2016, that President Obama would designate the first-ever national monument to the LGBT civil rights movement in New York’s Greenwich Village.

“I’m designating the Stonewall National Monument as the newest addition to America’s National Park System. Stonewall will be our first national monument to tell the story of the struggle for LGBT rights. I believe our national parks should reflect the full story of our country, the richness and diversity and uniquely American spirit that has always defined us. That we are stronger together. That out of many, we are one.”

Barack Hussein Obama 44th President of the United States

The Stonewall Inn became ingrained in American history on June 28, 1969, when a police raid ignited days of disturbance and demonstration. In previous interactions with police, bar patrons had been cooperative, even in the face of routine, government-sanctioned persecution; but on this night they rose up in defiance. The rebellion is credited with sparking the formation of LGBT civil rights organizations across the country. It also resulted in the annual Pride March, now part of Pride Month, which is celebrated by millions worldwide.

The Municipal Art Society of New York (MAS) was proud to advocate for the designation of the Stonewall Inn as an individual New York City landmark in 2015. Conferring this status upon Stonewall last year was a step forward for our local Landmarks Preservation Commission and our field as a whole—it was the first landmark designated in New York City exclusively to recognize the LGBT rights movement.

Now we celebrate our first national monument dedicated to this struggle. We hope you have a chance to stop by the Stonewall Inn and Christopher Park soon in honor of this legacy of change within our City.

Call for Art: Brownsville Matters

MAS is partnering with ArtBridge and the Brownsville Community Justice Center on an upcoming exhibition: Brownsville Matters, featuring works by local artists that emphasize East Brooklyn’s cultural and creative identity. Selected artists will receive an honorarium, and their works will be reproduced on billboard-sized vinyl mesh that will adorn the metal fencing on Thatford Ave at the Langston Hughes Houses in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Special consideration will be given to Langston Hughes residents.

For more information please visit: http://art-bridge.org/project/brownsville/.

MAS Urges MIH for Adorama Project (38-42 West 18th Street)

MAS Testimony to NYC Planning Commission regarding ULURP Application No. C 160082, Adorama, 38-42 West 18th Street June 21, 2016

The Municipal Art Society of New York (MAS) welcomes the chance to comment on the application by 42 West 18th Street Realty Corp. for a special permit to facilitate a mixed-use development at 38-42 West 18th Street. MAS has carefully reviewed this application and opposes this project unless the requirements of the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Program (MIH) are applied.

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