November 2017
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A Landmark Success

sohmer historic building new york city

Q: What happens when an under-funded city agency gets a budget increase?

A: It produces more work!

In response to a 2006 MAS advocacy campaign, the City Council increased the budget of the Landmarks Preservation Commission by $250,000 for the current fiscal year. Council Members Jessica Lappin, Tony Avella and Diana Reyna were instrumental in securing the funding. To build on this success, the MAS is advocating for a larger and permanent budget increase.

“We are on target to designate more than 1,000 historic buildings by the end of this fiscal year,” said commission Chairman Robert B. Tierney. “Our superb five-member team, which came on board last September thanks to the additional funding to our budget, already has surveyed numerous buildings across the city. We are very proud of the depth and quality of work they’ve done so far, and their results will serve as a strong foundation for many more designations by the end of fiscal year 2008.”

Those who closely watch the commission’s agenda have noticed a substantial increase in the number of buildings heard and calendared for designation. If it meets its goal of 1,000 new designations, that would represent a 2,000 percent increase in the number of buildings designated in 2005.