November 2017
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A Year of Progress

Rocket Thrower 2013

Earlier this month, we wrote with details about two timely campaigns that the Municipal Art Society launched to address pressing livability challenges in New York City:  our rapid response to Superstorm Sandy and our campaign for a new Penn Station.  As the end of our fiscal year approaches on September 30th, MAS is also extremely proud to look back on a year of progress we have made advancing work of longstanding importance to the city. 

Historic Preservation:  During the centennial year of one of New York City’s most cherished icons — Grand Central Terminal — MAS has been advocating for the preservation of landmarks in the East Midtown district.  From the Graybar Building to the Union Carbide Building — and 15 others, many of which are presumed by many to be landmarks, but are not! — MAS has campaigned to protect these enduring examples of some of the finest architecture in our great city.

Civic Monuments:  Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of MAS’s Adopt-A-Monument Program, the long-awaited restoration of the Rocket Thrower — a commanding presence in Flushing Meadows Corona Park — was completed.  To date, 51 statues and murals in all five boroughs of New York have been restored and maintained thanks to MAS and our generous supporters.

Urban Literacy:  This year, MAS began leading the official, daily walking tour of Grand Central Terminal, reintroducing thousands of New Yorkers and visitors to the many secrets and splendors of the Terminal — which MAS worked tirelessly to save from destruction in the 1970s.  An exciting new addition to MAS’s nearly 60-year history of leading walks through the diverse neighborhoods of New York, MAS proudly organizes tours to engage New Yorkers and others more deeply in the issues impacting the livability of our great city.

The support of civic advocates like you helps to sustain this important work.  We hope you will join us and make a contribution to the MAS Livable City Fund today to ensure MAS remains influential in these and future campaigns for a more livable, resilient New York.

Your generous financial support will help MAS continue to serve as the vigilant champion of a vibrant New York.  We hope we can count on your support, and we look forward to representing your voice in MAS’s next campaign.  Together, we can build a more livable and resilient New York.