November 2017
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ACTION NEEDED IMMEDIATELY! Clock Ticking on the Port Authority Plan for the TWA Terminal

For over two years, the Port Authority has been seeking approvals to demolish portions of Eero Saarinen’s TWA Terminal at JFK International Airport – an icon of Modernism and the jet-age – and wrap the landmark with an intrusive, semi-circular new terminal building.

The MAS has been fighting the Port’s proposal since it was first released. We believe that the best way to preserve Saarinen’s masterpiece is to preserve its function as an airline terminal. We recently submitted our own plan for an expansion of the TWA Terminal that restores and makes use of all of its original features and allows travelers to continue to pass through its voluptuous curvilinear interior to get on an airplane.

The Federal Aviation Administration will soon decide whether or not to approve the Port’s plan. Your input now – telling the FAA and other decision makers that the current Port Authority plan is NOT ACCEPTABLE – will greatly assist us as we continue our efforts to save the TWA Terminal building.

Please tell the Port Authority that it must preserve the TWA Terminal building in its entirety. Send your letters to all the decision makers whose actions will determine the future of a fragile, though magnificent, architectural treasure.