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April 2017
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Admiral’s Row and Manufacturing Land Threatened

Admirals Row MAS Option C IIDescribing MAS as a “civic group” advocating for the preservation of Admiral’s Row in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, NY1 covers the ongoing debate over the future of the area on its website today, but does not mention the mid-August visioning session MAS convened with community representatives, architects, preservations, and other experts to explore alternatives to demolition of the historic buildings. MAS officially presented the outcomes of this visioning in the form of initial plans to the owners National Guard and future owners City of New York/Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation at a Section 106 meeting last week. This fall, MAS and local groups will continue to expand and enrich these alternative plans by presenting them to the public for feedback and input. For more news, MAS Issues in the Press: – A new study shows an alarming reduction in industrial land and jobs due to residential and commercial rezonings (New York Daily News); manufacturers in the Gowanus Canal area, slated for a rezoning, fear more displacement (New York Daily News). – As bastions of solid democratic voters, American cities get short shifted in policy debates during national campaigns (New York Times). The Regional Planning Association has published a report urging New York City and the federal government to make major investments in infrastructure (New York Times). -The Environmental Protection Agency is moving ahead with a pollution study of Newton Creek, which could lead to Federal funding to clean the waterway (New York Sun). -Despite threat of cars, Broadway esplanades have been popular with pedestrians (New York Times). An unusual 19th-century landmark building in the Bronx is being renovated for housing (New York Times).