November 2017
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Animal Coney!

imagineconey submission animals

This is the second in a series of posts describing the latest submissions to ImagineConey, the MAS initiative to develop bold new ideas for Coney Island.

This week’s ImagineConey post focuses on ideas submitted that have an animal theme. Animals have always been in the center ring of Coney Island’s history: from Topsy the domesticated elephant (who was sadly electrocuted in 1903) to Dr. Carver’s Diving Horses of Luna Park to the arrival of the Aquarium in the 1950s. Here are some of the animal-centric submissions:

  • Create Canine Coney: an amusement park for dogs and their owners where a dog can be a dog and an owner can be an owner. Attractions could include Coney Dog Emporium, Doggie Beach, and Daily Dog Shows.
  • Rebuild the Elephant Hotel. Who wouldn’t want to spend a night sleeping in an elephant. A burlesque theater could also be inside.
  • Rebuild the Steeplechase horse racing ride as the Seabiscuit Ride. Make it faster and longer than the original.
  • Build a transparent tube along the ocean floor that connects the Aquarium to a newly-created reef. The tube would allow visitors to walk along the ocean floor and observe marine life without getting wet.
  • Bring Cavalia the Horse Circus, to Coney Island this summer.
  • Turn Coney Island into Konjin Zoo. Convert the entire Coney Island peninsula into a natural habitat for animals from zoos around the world – an urban wild safari park of sorts.
  • Create Hybrid Animals at Coney Island. Hybrid animals and fauna could be exhibited and carnivalized in Coney Island. As outrageous as they might seem, so once did fetal incubators at Dreamland.
  • Build a Monster. Create a structure that will appear from the air as if a monster has emerged from the ocean and is devouring Coney Island.