November 2017
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Housing for All New Yorkers: The Brownsville Revitalization Initiative

brownstone building new york public housing

Building on a session on public housing at the MAS Summit for New York City, MAS is pleased to be partnering with Rosanne Haggerty and her colleagues at Community Solutions, to look at the challenges and opportunities in New York City’s long under-developed city assets of public housing, which occupy key land tracts across the five boroughs.

Community Solutions grew out of the spectacularly successful work of Common Ground, and now works to support the development of holistic, integrated approaches that include improving housing stock while ensuring coordinated service delivery and economic development that reflects the needs—and assets—of the local community.

Brownsville has the highest concentration of public housing units in the city. As a consequence of concentrated poverty and poor land use patterns, economic development has not taken hold, leaving the area with inadequate employment opportunities and minimal commercial amenities. The incidences of repeated crimes, high levels of re-incarceration, and chronic poverty inhibit the potential of this part of Brooklyn to develop in an equitable and dynamic way.

Community Solutions has fostered alliances between service providers, NYCHA, individual building operators, and residents to form the Brownsville Partnership. MAS plans to provide research, program development, and solution-seeking support to build upon the existing social, cultural, economic and physical assets of the community.

MAS will commence work with the Brownsville Partnership later this year. View the video from the Summit on this important conversation, featuring John Rhea, president of The New York City Housing Authority, Rosanne Haggerty and George McCarthy of the Ford Foundation.