November 2017
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Circle of Enterprise: Women Working and Winning for the World, A Place that Matters

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In a city increasingly full of chain stores and large scale retail, 4W Circle of Art and Enterprise is a unique and special Place that Matters. Operating in Fort Greene since its founding in 1991, 4W Circle of Art and Enterprise is a women’s collaborative store that features primarily African and African-inspired works by local designers and artists.

4W stands for “Women Working and Winning for the World” and its founders have worked hard to make it a space where artisans can meet, sell their products, jump-start a business, and foster an appreciation for the artistry of hand-made goods. While other retail gravitates more and more toward homogeneity, 4W Circle of Art and Enterprise is characterized by its uniqueness. Over twenty vendors have products for sale in the store and it has also begun to exhibit artwork from local artists.

4W Circle of Enterprise is a place that Matters because it is a creative cornerstone of the Fort Greene community, hosting everything from exhibitions to community events such as the Black Achievers Awards, book signings by local authors, and a variety of craft classes.