November 2017
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City Launches New Street Design Manual at MAS

MAS was delighted to host Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan on Wednesday night for the premiere presentation of the city’s first truly comprehensive set of guidelines for street design, Designing Streets in New York City. David Burney, Commissioner of the Department of Design & Construction, Adrian Benepe, Commissioner of the Department of Parks & Recreation, and Amanda Burden, Chair of the New York City Planning Commission, were also in attendance.

Constituting 26% of the total area of the City, the streets and sidewalks are by far its largest public space, and the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) new manual represents a rethinking of the way city government works with regard to this vital resource.

Created with the cooperation of nine city agencies, including DOT, the street design manual aims to expand the range of street design features and allow for a new set of pre-approved materials, beyond the basic asphalt and concrete, used to reshape our streetscapes. It also aims to streamline the process of designing and delivering street projects, and making it easier for members of the public to better understand the City’s street design goals.

Since 1893, MAS has advocated for the improvement of the city’s public spaces, with one of the chief objectives of our founders being the “planning and beautifying” of the City streets. Last year, MAS hosted DOT’s launch of its first ever Strategic Plan Sustainable Streets. We look forward to continuing to work with DOT to improve New York City’s streets and sidewalks.