November 2017
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Community Rally for Rezoning

Community Rally for Rezoning: Wednesday, October 7.

Community Rally for Rezoning: Wednesday, October 7.[/caption]A 900-foot mega tower has been planned for East 58th Street. There’s no precedent for this type of skyscraper on a narrow, purely residential, side street.

From our recent testimony to Manhattan Community Board 5, a district seeing a large influx of super tall skyscrapers:

The fundamental problem here is outdated zoning regulations. New York City’s current zoning resolution was devised over 50 years ago and could not account for recent advances in building technologies or the changes in the real estate markets that have led to the construction of super tall towers.

Fifty years is an eternity in the lifespan of building design and construction. Fifty years before the Empire State Building topped out, the tallest structure in Manhattan was the steeple at Trinity Church. Using 1961 zoning guidelines in the era of 432 Park is like applying colonial construction standards to the 1930s skyscraper boom.

These buildings are largely being built as-of-right and without any public review, even though they will be among the tallest structures in the country.They will have a dramatic impact on the surrounding neighborhood, Central Park and the New York skyline.

Beyond Central Park, out-of context development continues to be an issue for neighborhoods throughout the city. New York City must grow and change, but new development should positively contribute to the surrounding communities.

Join us and the East River Fifties Alliance at a rally on Wednesday, October 7. 10AM. Details here or on the flyer to the right. And learn more about this citywide issue in our comprehensive Accidental Skyline portal.