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April 2017
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Coney Island Community Board Hearing Tonight!

coney island aerial beach by jaspar goldmanOver the past several months, over a thousand people have participated in the ImagineConey initiative. The results – on display at MAS through Wednesday, March 11 – have been extraordinary, convincing us that Coney Island’s potential is truly unlimited. While we support the City’s overall goal of revitalizing Coney Island, we are concerned that their proposed rezoning would threaten that potential, by restricting the size of the amusement area, locating high-rise buildings between Surf Avenue and the ocean, and offering insufficient protection for historic buildings in the amusement area. Tomorrow, Brooklyn Community Board 13 will hold the first public hearing of the ULURP process on the rezoning. Please consider joining MAS in asking the City to make critical changes to the plan to ensure that we create a great Coney Island. WHAT: Community Board Hearing on Coney Island Rezoning WHEN: Tuesday, March 3, 6:30 p.m. WHERE: Lincoln High School (by the Ocean Parkway stop on the Q train) ADDRESS: 2800 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11235 MAP If you plan to testify, please consider mentioning the following points:
  1. The Outdoor Amusement Area Should Be Expanded The current rezoning plan envisions only 12 acres of open-air amusements, an area the New York Times called “simply too small to attract enough rides and attractions to bring back the big crowds.” It is essential to set aside at least 25 acres for open-air amusements to ensure Coney Island has enough space to accommodate the potential attendance of 3.5 millions visitors and create a truly world-class amusement area. To find out why this much space is needed, click here to view a presentation commissioned by MAS by real estate advisory group RCLCO.
  2. High-rise Buildings Should Be Relocated North of Surf Avenue The City plans to create a row of high-rise hotels along the South Side of Surf Avenue that would have the effect of walling off pedestrians from the Ocean. High-rise hotels should only be permitted north of Surf Avenue to preserve the magnificent horizon and create a larger overall entertainment area.
  3. Protect historic resources and support local businesses Several key historic buildings are at risk of destruction in upcoming years, including the Nathan’s building and the Shore Public Theater. The City should move to protect these and other historic structures in the rezoning area. To view a slideshow of these structures, click here.
In addition to making these changes, MAS believes the city must purchase land, create a vision for the amusement area and start programming the vacant lots with interim activity now in order to successfully revitalize Coney Island. Click here to find out more.