August 2017
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Corona’s Lemon Ice King, A Place that Matters

lemon ice king coronaThere are thousands of places to get an ice, but there’s only one Lemon Ice King of Corona. Since 1944, Peter Benfaremo’s shop has been delighting patron’s palates with ices in flavors that range from standard (lemon, chocolate) to unique (peanut butter – with real peanuts). The flavor’s may have changed since the 1940’s, but the cool pleasure of eating an ice on a hot day never will. To double your Place That Matters experience, enjoy your ice as you watch a game of bocce in William F. Moore Park, also known as “Spaghetti Park,”  across the street. The Lemon Ice King is located at 52-02 108th St. (at 52nd Avenue), in Corona, Queens. It’s open every day, 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. Read more about Peter Benfaremo and the Lemon Ice King in the full profile of the site in the Census of Place That Matter, or click here to add your thoughts to the Census about why the Lemon Ice King is a Place That Matters. Learn about Spaghetti Park in the Census, or click here to add your thoughts to the Census about the park. Browse the rest of the Census – or add a Place That Matters – here.