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Eyes on the City: Governor Cuomo Considers Action on Penn

Re: Cuomo Considers Reset for Long-Delayed Penn Station Expansion, Charles Bagli, New York Times, December 15, 2015


MAS has been the leading advocate for a new Penn Station for over two decades, and we are encouraged by Governor Cuomo’s interest in addressing the station’s significant shortcomings and expanding capacity. With more than 600,000 daily commuters passing through the station every day – 300% more than the station was designed to handle and more than the daily volume at all three regional airports combined – Penn Station is the transportation lynchpin to the entire northeast corridor and is critical to the continued economic success of our city, state, region, and nation.

As such, Penn Station needs a bold reinvention to secure our shared economic future. MAS believes the best path to making the necessary improvements at Penn Station is to wholly relocate Madison Square Garden as soon as possible, and this remains our objective. Governor Cuomo is reportedly considering relocating the Madison Square Garden theater, which MAS and Woods Bagot proposed in 2014. This a worthy near-term early phase project that would dramatically improve street life along Eighth Avenue as well as pedestrian access to the station. Moving Amtrak to the Farley Post office is also a great first step, which will create the opportunity to completely rebuild the concourse areas and significantly improve circulation, safety, and public spaces within the station.

However, these improvements, on their own, are not enough to fully address Penn Station’s severe overcrowding or meet the growing needs of a rapidly developing West Midtown. MAS is leading the development of a robust district plan for West Midtown, centered on a grand new Penn Station. We are eager to partner with the Governor, and other public and private stakeholders, to realize our shared vision for Penn Station and West Midtown. The economic success of the city, state, region and nation depends on it.

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