Crown Heights South, Part 2

Old and New in Brooklyn

With Suzanne Spellen & Morgan Munsey

Suzanne Spellen and Morgan Munsey take us to the eastern side of the neighborhood, concentrating more on residential architecture and history. Encouraged by the new subway lines, residential developers began building entire blocks at a time, filling them with a wide variety of styles representing row house architecture of the early 20th century. Prominent Brooklyn architects such as Montrose W. Morris, Axel Hedman, J. L. Brush and Slee and Bryson designed one- and two-family houses in the Revival styles of the day: Renaissance, Colonial, Flemish, Tudor and more.

Saturday, April 27
2:00 PM — 4:00 PM

Member: $20
Non-member: $30

outside of large home in Crown Heights, Brooklyn
Photo: Suzanne Spellen.