November 2017
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This Fall: Next for New York

It’s hard to believe that August is already upon us, and fall is right around the corner. We at MAS have had a busy summer preparing for a provocative, informative fall season, as we introduce our first annual Next for New York programs.

Next for New York will explore the next wave in urban planning, preservation and climate change, and civic activism, as well as specific projects that will help shape the future of New York City.

This year, Next for New York includes three major events: Preservation & Climate Change Conference, the MAS Summit for New York City and the Jane Jacobs Forum. These programs will engage New Yorkers in stimulating discussions about urban livability and the future of our city and cities around the world.

“There’s no question that cities are pivotal as nations everywhere are dealing with growing populations, climate change and threats to sustainability,” said MAS President Vin Cipolla. “Through this very exciting annual series, MAS will examine a host of issues that New York is facing as a global city that also is a city of distinct neighborhoods.”

Next for New York kicks off from October 15 – 17 with our Preservation and Climate Change Conference: Can old buildings play a role in making New York a more sustainable city? We’ll dispel the myth that old buildings are energy hogs and explore the green opportunity in New York’s older buildings and raise awareness of the role preservation can play in the fight against climate change. The conference, on October 16 at Columbia University, will be preceded by a kick-off keynote event the night before, and followed by a day of preservation and sustainability related tours on October 17.

Then, MAS will take a bold look at livability from October 21 – 22 with the MAS Summit for New York City: MAS will present two days of fresh ideas on improving livability in our city, from sidewalks to skyline. Thought leaders from the planning, design, housing, economics and urban policy worlds will explore the challenges New York faces through provocative keynote addresses and lively discussions. The Summit will begin by examining the factors that make New York livable as well as those that hamper livability. Then, the focus will shift to learning how real change is created on a grassroots level with civic participation. Finally, we will explore new media and how its proliferation is transforming the city’s development and growth in surprising ways, as we consider both global and local perspectives on issues that affect the quality of life in New York City.

Our programming will continue in November (date to be announced) with our annual Jane Jacobs Forum: Once again, we’re partnering with the Rockefeller Foundation to present the Jane Jacobs Forum—highlighting the legacy of Jacobs in New York City today. The success of MAS’s second annual Jane Jacobs Forum on urban farming last November solidified the event as one at which expert participants challenge traditional assumptions about fundamental urban issues and propose innovative, yet feasible, ideas for the future. This year, MAS will focus the forum on a true Jacobsean issue: The Walkable City, with an emphasis on urban design, health and safety.