August 2017
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Getting the Word Out to Penn Station Commuters

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Around 500,000 people travel through Penn Station each day and, as the New York Times recently editorialized, these “veteran commuters deserve some hope that the new Moynihan complex is not just another urban fantasy.”

To that end the MAS has been distributing our spring program brochures and chatting it up with Penn Station riders. We’ll be there again next Tuesday – and we would really appreciate your help.

Last week, we distributed several hundred MAS spring program brochures outside Penn Station during the evening rush hour. As one staff member offered each person a brochure, she asked,

“Would you like a better train station?”

“God, yes!” said one woman.

“Of course!” said another.

“Do you think it can happen?” asked a businessman. The staff member told him about Jill Jonnes’s recent talk concerning the tremendous obstacles that were overcome when the first Penn Station was built. “Things were no easier then,” she said, paraphrasing Jonnes, “we just have a different set of problems today.”

A few people walked by, then doubled back to get a brochure once they understood the message.

Please join us in Penn Station next Tuesday, May 6, and volunteer a bit of your time between 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.