November 2017
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Historic Coney!

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Coney Island was once the greatest entertainment destination on the planet – from the great parks of the 1900’s through to the Nickel Empire of the 1930’s and ‘40s – and many New Yorkers remain nostalgic over Coney’s golden age.

And while much of the historic fabric of Coney Island has been lost, much can still be preserved or renewed– from structures that are already city landmarks (like the Parachute Jump) to the Shore Public Theater. And we can always rebuild or reinvent what we have lost. This week’s ImagineConey post focuses on the submissions that explore how the historic elements of Coney can be renewed or recreated to exploit the enormous nostalgia that exists:

  • Landmark the Shore Theater and bring Coney Island themed theater and movies. Regular showings of The Warriors or original bio-epic films about Coney Island and its residents
  • Reuse Historic Buildings Hendersons as a nightclub, and the Playland building as an arcade again
  • Rebuild Victorian Whipcream Buildings. Only this time, make them fireproof
  • Make the Parachute Jump Operational Again. The “Eiffel Tower of Brooklyn” once an engineering and amusement ride wonder should be again a place to get a bird’s eye view of Coney Island’s activities
  • Rebuild Steeplechase Park. Bring back the park’s juxtaposition of different architectural styles, rides, and larger-than-life George Tilyou faces
  • Create a new Luna Park for the Coney Island Skyline. Forget refrigerator box architecture and bring back Coney Island’s grand tradition of fantasy architecture by bringing back Luna Park covered with millions of energy efficient LEDs powered by solar panels.
  • Restore Landmark Rides. Make Coney Island the park of vintage fairground attractions. Many of them could be purchased from collectors – others could be reinterpreted and rebuilt.
  • Restore the Historic Walks. Historically these were where speakeasies were located during Prohibition. Bring activity back to the inner blocks and create more access to the beach through these little Walks
  • Move Boardwalk to its Original Location. Moses moved the Boardwalk closer to Surf Ave. by about 300ft. Why not move it back and create more land for amusements?