November 2017
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rendering imagine coney laura collins bubble

This is the third in a series of posts describing the latest submissions to ImagineConey, the MAS initiative to develop bold new ideas for Coney Island.

This week’s ImagineConey post focuses on ideas submitted that embody Coney’s tradition of being a testing ground for invention and technological advances. In addition to entertaining visitors, Coney Island was a place where entrepreneurs came to try out their zany ideas. The hotdog was invented at Feltman’s while the first baby incubators were set up in Coney Island before they were accepted by the global medical community. Luna Park’s use of one million incandescent light bulbs was also a global first. Here are some of the inventive-submissions:

  • Build the first ever Inverted Wooden Roller Coaster where the thrill of a shaky roller coaster can be experienced with your feet dangling below you.
  • Create a Bubble as a Roof to enclose some amusements in a gigantic bubble similar to those made with soap and water, but less prone to popping.
  • Host “Big Games” in Coney like a virtual scavenger using cell phones and GPS locators where you photograph places and compete for prizes.
  • Build a Science and Technology Center with a Hall of Holograms, a Cyber-Scholar Consumer Electronic Retail Info Booth, projects on space displayed on a glass floor, and robots of all sorts.
  • Create a Hologram Communication Center. Using technology to create live action videos to allow people to communicate with family members working overseas.
  • Use Coney Island as a Green Transportation Technology Lab. Test out the new ideas for transportation in Coney from using roller coasters to get around to new mechanisms in subway breaks to improvements is in Pedicabs.