August 2017
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Loew’s Paradise Theater – The Radio City Music Hall of the Bronx, A Place that Matters

loews paradise theater interior bronx new york cityWith its 4,000 seats, decorative wall murals, crystal chandeliers, and red velvet curtains, the Loew’s Paradise Theater in the Bronx is an emblem of 1920s opulence that continues to be a lively community asset on the Grand Concourse. Despite surviving the depression and many subsequent hardships, the theater is almost totally intact, retaining many of the signature features that made it one of Loew’s Cinema’s five “Wonder Theaters.” Built as an atmospheric theater, the main interior of the cinema was meant to evoke the feeling of an outdoor theater. The ceiling is painted deep blue with stellar constellations, a smoke machine was employed to create artificial clouds, and trees, vines and birds once topped off the effect. New Yorkers who visit the Paradise Theater today will find not only a thrilling piece of history, but also an enticing slice of the present in such events as Latin, pop, and urban music concerts, special programs and more. To read more about the Paradise Theater in the Census of Places that Matter, click here. Browse the rest of the Census — or add your own Place That Matters — here.