June 2017
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Make Your Gift to Ensure a More Livable and Resilient New York

The extraordinary events of the last few weeks in New York City and along the New Jersey and Connecticut coasts have reminded us all of the critical importance of land use, planning and urban design that protects and enhances our city and its neighborhoods.  We are thankful to our fellow New Yorkers—and all those who contribute to and are inspired by this great city’s dynamism—for their strength, resourcefulness, and resilience. We are thankful to you, and invite you to join our Livable City movement to keep New York vibrant, livable and diverse—economically, environmentally, culturally, and socially. The new year will bring new opportunities and critical decisions about the future of New York.  We hope you will partner with us by making a special year-end gift to support our work to affect significant and lasting change, advancing thoughtful, holistic solutions to some of the biggest threats to urban livability:
  • Community engagement: Are the ideas and solutions of residents—the people who know their communities best—fully integrated into our city’s plans for the future of their neighborhoods? Building on the success of our MAS Livable Neighborhoods Program and the recent MAS Summit for New York City, in 2013 MAS will bring together people, ideas and expertise to build a framework for resilience.
  • Preservation and climate change: Can protecting our city’s architectural heritage—which defines our neighborhoods—also save energy, reduce our region’s carbon footprint and secure a sustainable future for New York? The recently completed MAS Greening Manual for small residential and commercial buildings is our latest effort demonstrating this progressive link between historic preservation and sustainability.
MAS has been at the forefront of the most pressing issues facing New York City since 1893. We have a strong track record of influencing policies and decisions that secure our bright collective future. We remain committed to this critical mission and to confronting the challenges our city faces head on. We invite you to join us today in the movement for a more livable and resilient New York. Amplify your voice today by making a year-end gift to MAS!  Together we can ensure a vibrant future for all New Yorkers. Make your gift before December 31st! If you are not yet a member, by making a gift of $50 or more you will receive the benefits of membership. Also, new or increased gifts of $1,000 or more may be matched by a challenge grant initiated by Robert W. Wilson. Photo by www.gilesashford.com