July 2017
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MAS Hosts DOT Launch of New Strategic Plan “Sustainable Streets”

janette sadik khan dot sustainable streetsLast night, New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan charted a smarter and greener future for City transportation policy with the launch of the agency’s ambitious plan “Sustainable Streets” at the Municipal Art Society. The plan seeks to capitalize on the opportunity presented by the City’s 6,300 miles of streets and install 200 new bike lanes, including 15 miles of protected bike lanes by 2009, to create new public plazas citywide, to increase the speed of buses, to expand ferry services and HOV lanes, and to establish data-supported benchmarks for measuring these goals. “The vision laid out here will go a long way toward easing transportation conditions in our growing city while also squarely addressing the environment, climate change and improving the City’s quality of life,” said Commissioner Sadik-Khan. To read the plan, visit www.nyc.gov/dot. bicyclist cycling street sign symbolWelcoming the Commissioner, MAS President Kent Barwick said he was delighted DOT had chosen MAS as the venue for the launch of its plan and described how the society had played a key role in the development of the city’s transportation infrastructure from its involvement in the decision to move the subways underground, to its current advocacy for the expansion of waterfront and waterway uses across the city. To watch a trailer for the MAS documentary film about the possibilities for the future of the city’s waterfront that was recently screened on Channel 13/WNET, City of Water, click here. For more coverage of the event, including a short video of the Commissioner’s remarks, visit www.streetsblog.org.