November 2017
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MAS Introduces its Global Webinar Series

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UN Photo/Yutaka Nagata.

MAS continues to grow its presence in the international field of resilience and livability with its MAS Global Network of urban innovators and practitioners. Through participation in global convenings and events, including a session we hosted with several of our global partners on Speed Dating for City Builders at the World Urban Forum 7 in Medellin Colombia, Executive Director Margaret Newman’s participation in NY-LON series of live video seminars on Tall Buildings with the NLA – the centre for London’s Built environment, and MAS Director of Urban Resilience and Livability Mary Rowe’s UN Habitat lecture on Fostering resilience through community based innovation, our network continues to expand, bringing to MAS new learning partnerships to not only share knowledge and experience from NYC, but also benefit from the lessons of others working in cities around the world. Increasingly urban challenges – including population growth, the need for diverse economic opportunities, affordability, and the threats from climate change – are common to cities around the world, and as solutions are being tried and tested we need global platforms to share innovations in a timely way. The MAS Global Network does just that by connecting practitioners both digitally and face-to-face to share challenges and opportunities, and approaches to addressing them. Through nurturing this exchange, community artists in Bandung are sharing strategies with planners in Lagos, urban ecologists in NYC are providing tips to architects in Irkutsk- innovative approaches created at the granular level that are strengthening cities.

To that end, MAS recently launched its Global Webinar Series, hosting its first Why the World Needs an Urban Sustainable Development Goal earlier this week for over 50 participants from more than 20 cities, including New York City, Edinburgh, Beirut, Seattle, London, and more. The webinar was led by MAS Board Chair Eugenie Birch, with Christine Platt, President of the Commonwealth Association of Planners, Maruxa Cardama, Executive Project Coordinator at Communities, and Cynthia Rosenzweig, Senior Research Scientist at Columbia University, and moderated by MAS’s Mary Rowe, to provide an update of the United Nations Open Working Group (OWG)’s process to decide on a new set of Sustainable Development Goals. Our presenters shared the details of a global campaign to ensure that one of the goals focuses on cities, why this is so critical, and how people around the world must urge their governments to support its adoption. The recording and presentation from the webinar is available here: webinar recording, webinar slide deck. Our recent blog post outlined the importance of this campaign, and encourages MAS members to support it by signing this petition on Additional resources regarding the adoption of the urban sustainable development goal are listed below.

We are looking forward to hosting monthly webinars from members of the MAS Global Network. To make sure you receive up-to-date notices of future events please send an email to with the subject line “Global.”

Urban SDG resources: