November 2017
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MAS On NYU’s Decision Not To Build on Landmarked Site

Silver Towers - Photo by davem_330 via Flickr

New York University announced last week that it was abandoning plans to add a 38-story tower to its landmarked Silver Towers complex, designed by I. M. Pei. The proposed tower was part of the university’s 20-year expansion plan, NYU 2031, which seeks to add six million square feet of campus space throughout the city.

MAS Chairman David Childs said, “NYU’s plan for growth has implications for our entire city. A vibrant, viable New York needs the creative and intellectual capital that universities provide. It also needs to ensure that residents have a voice in how our communities are developed. NYU has demonstrated a willingness to work with and listen to opposing voices as it plans for its future. MAS urges robust debate, and our board plans to participate in this very crucial conversation for our city.”

“NYU’s decision to withdraw its application to build on the Silver Towers site is prudent,” said MAS President Vin Cipolla. “The controversy surrounding this one proposed building drew attention away from the more significant issue – balancing the legitimate needs of the university to expand with the community’s legitimate concerns about that expansion. MAS intends to weigh in on that issue in the coming months.”