November 2017
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MAS Presents: Ideas for New York’s New Leadership

Ideas for New York's New Leadership Cover

During the 2014 Annual Members Meeting on March 25, MAS Executive Director Margaret Newman announced the release of our latest publication, MAS Presents: Ideas for New York’s New Leadership. To enrich the discussion about the next set of policy ideas for New York City, MAS invited a cross-section of New Yorkers to offer their guidance to our city’s new leadership.

Ideas for New York’s New Leadership includes 14 essays, each discussing a key issue, opportunity or priority for action within a specific domain. In the foreword, esteemed author Tony Hiss states that:

“This short but remarkable book presents 14 ready-to-go ideas—some big and bold, some small but perhaps even bolder—about bringing New York’s extra dimension back into focus.”

Author’s ideas range from the Pratt Center’s Joan Byron pushing for expanded express bus service in under-served neighborhoods, to Natural Resources Defense Council president Peter Lehner’s call to reduce living expenses and improve the quality of life for low-income households by increasing the energy efficiency of the city’s affordable housing stock.   The ideas do not necessarily reflect the views of MAS, but are presented to stimulate a diverse and inclusive discourse to help inform decision making and priority setting.

Click here to read Ideas for New York’s New Leadership.