November 2017
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MAS Releases Accidental Skyline Report


Today MAS released The Accidental Skyline, a report addressing the issues surrounding tall buildings and their influence on the scarce open spaces in New York – particularly West 57th Street and Central Park.

The Accidental Skyline, addresses the size and scale of the mostly as-of-right buildings going up on and around 57th Street which are of particular note due to their proximity to Central Park. It also suggests potential approaches to address the issue including changes to zoning rules, public review and greater transparency as developers assemble these sites.

The report also features a series of shadow studies and renderings that show the serious impact new luxury towers will have along the southern end of Central Park, blocking views of the sky from a number of locations within in the park and shrouding the carousel, ball fields, zoo and other popular features in shadow throughout the day.

“Central Park and open spaces throughout New York City are critical to the economic health of the City and to the well-being of its residents,” said Eugenie Birch, MAS Board Chair. “The mixed skyline along the edges of Central Park is one of the park’s defining and most memorable features. We must find a way to ensure that the public has a voice when our skyline and open spaces are affected by new development and to require careful analysis to help inform the decision making process.”

MAS President, Vin Cipolla said, “Change and development are essential to retaining New York City’s dynamism. Over the years many of the City’s most iconic buildings have gone up as-of-right, some to great acclaim, others to a fair amount of criticism. But because of advances in building technology and changes in the real estate market, extraordinarily tall buildings are now being built around some of our most important open spaces, raising some significant concerns.”

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