November 2017
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MAS Calls For Land Sale To Proceed, Joins City Panel

coney island aerial beach by jaspar goldman

MAS testified yesterday to the City Council’s Economic Development and Land Use Committees, who held an oversight hearing on the development of Coney Island. We raised concern about recent recommended changes to the rezoning that we fear would harm the district, particularly expanding the size of retail units to 10,000 square feet, transforming the amusement area into a large-scale shopping district rather than one with local businesses and world-class amusements. MAS urged the City Council to reject this recommended change. Click here to read the entire statement.

Similar concerns about those troubling changes were echoed in a press release issued by a coalition of community, arts and planning groups, including MAS. The group affirmed that the City of New York is the only entity that can create a great amusement destination at Coney Island. It also highlighted the critical issue of land ownership. MAS President Vin Cipolla said, “We believe that the economics do not currently allow for the creation of an amusement park on privately-owned land, and we strongly support the city’s efforts to acquire private property in the amusement area.” Click here to read entire statement.

On Tuesday, the City’s Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, Robert Lieber, announced the formation of the Coney Island Amusement Advisory Panel. The panel will also assist the City in continued planning efforts for a permanent amusement operation and development of a 27-acre amusement and entertainment district at Coney Island. MAS will be on the panel along with a group of leading amusement industry experts that will help structure and expedite the City’s plans for interim amusements at Coney Island in Summer 2010. Click here to read entire statement.