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May 2017
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MAS Statement on Landmarks Backlog Decisions

Today, the Landmarks Preservation Commission recommended that 30 of the “backlog” properties move toward designation, while 60 were removed from consideration without prejudice and five were removed from the calendar based on a lack of merit. MAS submitted favorable testimony on 45 sites, 23 of which will be designated within the year. Although we congratulate the Commission on the hard work put forth in conducting this public process, we regret that more properties are not headed for landmark status. In particular, the Sailors’ Snug Harbor Historic District and the Douglaston Historic District Extension are a grievous loss. See the full list of actions taken by the Commission here: BRONX Prioritize for designation 65 Schofield Street House* Immaculate Conception, Church of Blessed Virgin Mary* Remove from calendar, not a priority 6 Ploughman’s Bush Building* First Presbyterian Church of Williamsburg and Rectory* Remove from calendar, lack of merit Samuel D. Babcock House   BROOKLYN Prioritize for designation 183-195 Broadway Building* Greenwood Cemetery Lady Moody-Van Sicklen House* St. Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church and Rectory* St. Barbara’s Roman Catholic Church* Williamsburg Trust Co. Building* Remove from calendar, not a priority Coney Island Pumping Station*   MANHATTAN  Prioritize for designation 315 Broadway Building* 412 East 85th Street* 57 Sullivan Street House Bergdorf Goodman Edgar J. Kaufman Conference Rooms, Lecture Hall and Elevator Lobby* Excelsior Power Company Building Interborough Rapid Transit Powerhouse* Loew’s 175th Street Theater* St. Joseph’s Church* St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Parish House & Rectory* St. Paul’s Church and School Young Men’s Christian Association Building, Harlem Branch* Remove from calendar, not a priority 138 Second Avenue House 143 Chambers Street Building* 150 East 38th Street House 2 Oliver Street House* D.G. Yeungling Brewery Co. Complex* Empire Theater (Interior and Exterior) Hotel Renaissance, later Columbia Club* James McCreery & Co. Liberty Theater (Interior and Exterior) Lyric Theater (Interior and Exterior) Mission of the Immaculate Virgin West New Apollo Theater Interior Osborn Apartment Building Interior President Chester A. Arthur House Selwyn Theater (Interior and Exterior) Sire Building St. Paul’s Rectory Times Square Theater (Interior and Exterior) Union Square Park Victory Theater (Interior and Exterior)   QUEENS Prioritize for designation Bowne Street Community Church* Lydia Ann Bell and William Ahles House Pepsi Cola Sign* Remove from calendar, not a priority Fairway Apartments* First Reformed Church and Sunday School of College Point* Old Calvary Cemetery Gatehouse* Proposed Douglaston Historic District Extension* Spanish Towers   STATEN ISLAND Prioritize for designation 92 Harrison Street House* Brougham Cottage* George W. Curtis House* Lakeman House* Prince’s Bay Lighthouse and Keeper’s House* St. John’s Episcopal Rectory* Vanderbilt Mausoleum and Cemetery* Remove from calendar, not a priority 122 Androvette Street House* 3833 Amboy Road House* 5466 Arthur Kill Road House* 6136 Amboy Road House* Cunard Hall, Wagner College Nicholas Killmeyer Store and Residence Nicholas Muller House* Richmond County Country Club Sailors’ Snug Harbor Historic District* School District #3 Building* St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Rectory and Parish House* St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church and Rectory* St. Paul’s Methodist Episcopal Church* William T. and Mary Marcellite Garner Mansion* Woodbrook  Remove from calendar, lack of merit Crocheron House Dorothy Day Historic Site Fountain Family Graveyard Sunny Brae House   *Supported by MAS