November 2017
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New Council Bill Reflects MAS Concerns about Park Shadows

On March 31, Councilmember Mark Levine introduced legislation that would begin to address one of the key priorities identified by MAS in the landmark 2013 report, The Accidental Skyline. Councilmember’s Levine’s bill would establish a task force which would meet twice per year and issue recommendations on ways that proposed developments can mitigate the impact of their shadows.

MAS Executive Director Margaret Newman said, “In the year and a half since MAS launched the Accidental Skyline project, we have heard New Yorkers in all five boroughs clamoring for accountability when as-of-right private developments impact public amenities like parks. Access to air and light is a right of all New Yorkers and we have been delighted to work with Councilmember Levine this year on the need for comprehensive shadows legislation. We applaud the introduction of LS-3471, an important first step that proves New York doesn’t have to settle for an Accidental Skyline.”

Dana Rubenstein at Capital New York examined the details of the bill and its announcement, pointing back to Ms. Newman’s previous comments about shadow ordinances in San Francisco and other cities last year.

MAS will continue to stay involved with the progress of Councilmember Levine’s proposed legislation.