November 2017
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New York Times Calls Governor to Respect History and Protect Penn Station

The New York Times editorial [Senator Moynihan’s Legacy] asks New York Governor Eliot Spitzer to respect the legacy of Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and the history of the Farley Post Office. It starts with the recent good news:

For years now, plans and sometimes mere illusions about ways to replace New York City’s dismal and disheartening Penn Station have been debated, mostly behind closed doors. Now comes the good news that developers Stephen Ross and Steven Roth will finally make public their proposal to revive the drab area around Penn Station and create a grand new terminal, named for the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

They then raise the critical question for all concerned about this development:

When the plan is revealed New Yorkers should focus on one concern: whether the historic public spaces are being shortchanged once again in favor of private developments.

They also point out the less than promising news that has been leaked so far:

With each bit of news that seeps out about these plans, it looks more and more as though the Garden will be allowed to take over most of the magnificent Farley building, including its dramatic stairway entrance and the elegant lobby that stretches along most of a city block. One main wall of the central terminal might also be used for Garden advertising.

Let’s join the Times in opposing what could be a terrible fate for the New Penn Station:

One can only imagine Senator Moynihan’s eloquent disappointment if he thought that the Farley building he worked so hard to protect would not be a soaring entrance for the trains and the city but a route through a public treasure to a privately owned coliseum.