August 2017
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New Yorkers Respond to MAS Principles

Since the MAS announced its principles for the Atlantic Yards, several hundred New Yorkers have contacted us with their comments, a selection of which are below.
“Brooklyn is a precious and unique place that cannot be overwhelmed by an anti-community project. There needs to be openness, dialogue and transparency. Right now, there is no proper scrutiny or engagement by public officials.” – PW “As an urban planner involved in redevelopment projects for most of my career, I agree with your principles 100%. I support development at the Atlantic Yards site, but Brooklyn deserves a better project than Ratner’s. We shouldn’t have to choose between open space, affordable housing and an appropriate level of density.” – NF “The extent to which this project threatens to damage the many communities that make up historic Brooklyn is truly frightening.” – HM “I am writing to support continued study of this project so we do not lose the human scale of our neighborhoods and borough. I dread to think of what it will be like if the Williamsburgh Savings Bank – a symbol of our borough – is swallowed by those high rises.The impact at ground level on the ‘feel’ of our neighborhoods would be irreversible.” – HS “Closing the short block of Fifth Avenue from Flatbush to Atlantic Avenues would force a re-routing of the B63 bus and thousands of other trucks and commercial vehicles that now turn left onto Atlantic Avenue. This would cause a dramatic increase in traffic on residential blocks of Pacific and Bergen Streets, or add more delays to the intersection of Flatbush, Atlantic, and Fourth Avenues, plus Pacific Street, Hanson Place, and Fort Greene Place.” – HM “I completely agree with your principles, and hope that MAS will go a step further and join me and my neighbors in supporting sensible, sustainable development that supports a floor area ratio of up to 6.0, rejects the use of eminent domain, and rejects the construction of an arena.” – CO “Low income housing should be included in every large development that gets a subsidy, not just Atlantic Yards.” – RF “The arena should be moved to Coney Island.” – SB “I am particularly worried that the development of the Yards, and other hi-rise projects, will drastically overwhelm the sewer systems of the downtown area.” – JH “For 12 years I had a 19th-century brownstone on Pacific Street between Hoyt and Bond Streets, very close to the site, and agree both that the neighborhoods there need to be preserved — and are worth preserving — and that the Yards plan is out of proportion and out of place.” – RP “I agree wholeheartedly that the Atlantic Yards area can and should be developed, but smartly. The massive proposal by Forest City Ratner would effectively and permanently divide Cobble Hill from Park Slope while completely changing and strangling the dynamic feel of both neighborhoods. The plan needs to be revisited with Brooklyn’s interests as a priority, not the developers.” – TK