November 2017
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New York’s Next Zoning Resolution

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Is New York City’s much-modified 1961 zoning resolution the best framework for creating a more livable, sustainable and equitable city? Our panel of zoning experts at the MAS Summit for New York City didn’t think so. Deftly moderated by Vicki Been, director of the Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy at NYU, the panel consisted of Donald Elliott, a zoning consultant with a national practice; Michael Kwartler, architect, planner and founder of the Environmental Simulation Center; Mitchell Silver, president of the American Planning Association and Jerilyn Perine, executive director of the Citizens Housing & Planning Council.

Although the panelists offered a variety of perspectives on how to reform the zoning resolution, they all believe that continuing to use the current framework will put NYC at disadvantage with respect to other cities that have modernized their regulatory framework. Among the specific suggestions offered by the panel include: incorporating environmental best practices into the zoning resolution, re-thinking the separation of uses, integrating historic preservation with land use planning, and finding new models and methods of public engagement.

The panelists believe that New York is ready for a new vision and we agree. Please stay tuned as MAS develops a plan for New York’s Next Zoning Resolution.